Stick-on Magnification Lenses

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Stick-on Magnification Lenses

Dive Masks

Dive Optx  Lenses for Dive masks

Hydrdotac Lenses for Dive Masks.

For many years, Australian divers have used Hydrotac®  Lenses on their masks to enable them to have extra magnification.  The introduction of Dive Optx®  lenses, has given Divers another option.  They are larger and thicker, and therefore provide a bigger area of vision.  Your choice will depend in part on the style of your mask.

Whether you hoose Hydrotac Lenses for Dive Masks of DiveOptx, you will be delighted with the results.

Below is the link to an article/review which appeared in Diveflagapp.com.    Great article and makes interesting reading.

Position on Dive Mask