Stick-on Magnification Lenses

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Stick-on Magnification Lenses

Installation Instructions


1. Before installation, make sure your eyewear and your hands are spotlessly clean by washing them with detergent and hot water.
2. Carefully remove lenses from our free plastic lens case and keep for future storage use.
3.Drop lenses in warm/hot water for a minute or longer prior to installation.
4. Apply one lens at a time to your eyewear , positioning close to the nose bridge and low on the inside.
5. Press down gently on the lens for several seconds to remove excess moisture.
6. Put on your eyewear to check for proper positioning. At this time you can move and adjust the lenses to your specific needs.
7. By using a lint free cloth carefully pat away any excess water from the lens. Allow the lenses to sit and dry in place for 1-2 hours. Keep in mind that your vision through the lenses will be a little blurry until they are completely dried.
8. Repeat these steps for 2nd lens.
9. When removing lens, simply place your fingernail under one corner and peel off gently. These lenses are reusable.


Use the same application process as for Sunglasses (above).

You don't have to remove lenses after every dive, simply rinse your mask gently with tap water to remove all salt residues.

Position on Dive Mask